Iguana Jewelry


Just the thought of acquiring a new piece of iguana jewelry is enough to make any woman blissful and happy. Any boring and drab outfit can be converted into a chic and trendy one immediately, with the help of a trendy iguana piece. Women around the globe have shown great interest in accessorizing their outfits by making the best use of jewelry in iguana designs. Many other accessories like bags, shoes, belts, scarves, etc. can transform your look much less than a beautiful piece of iguana jewelry on them can!

Iguana ring

If you want to own a piece of this jewelry, it is important to get an idea of the latest trends or designs prevalent in the market lately. This jewelry has become so popular these days that the demand for this jewelry item is predicted by the fashion guru to continue for a long time to come. Expensive art is involved in making jewelry in iguana designs. You can look sophisticated as well as sleek with this kind of jewelry. Read More »

Fashion Dangle Earrings for Your Face Type


Earrings are an all purpose accessory that can be worn with both casual and formal fashions. They can add the finishing touch that pulls an outfit together and helps you look your best. Oftentimes, though, people choose earrings based on what they are wearing rather than what looks best for their face type. This can lead to purchasing accessories that enhance features that you may not want people to notice, especially when it comes to fashion dangle earrings. When shopping for earrings, you need to take your face shape into account and ensure that you are making a purchase that will boost your natural beauty.

Silver dangle earrings

There are five basic face shapes; oval, round, heart, square, and rectangular. The goal of buying fashion dangle earrings for your face type is to balance out your face rather than amplify its shape. For example, if you have a square face, then square earrings will just make your face look even more angular. Read More »

Sterling Silver Toe Rings – Bringing Flash to Flip Flops Everywhere


Everyone loves to wear sandals during the summer, and in certain parts of the world, people are lucky enough to wear them all year round. While a good pedicure can go a long way toward making a pair of feet look sexy in those summer thongs, there is usually something missing in summer footwear that people never seem to figure out. Know what it is? Sterling silver toe rings. It may sound silly that a toe ring could make that much of a difference, but it can and will in the long run. Here’s a brief look at what a little toe bling can do for you.

Sterling Silver  Toe Ring

Sterling silver toe rings add that small sparkle to your feet that you can’t get from nail polish or even sparkly shoes. They can be very subtle, but they are still noticeable enough to catch people’s attention. Read More »

A Brilliant Display of Belief: Diamond Crosses


Woman’s love for diamonds has been evident for centuries, as demonstrated by the name of one web site that offers diamond crosses. That site has a web address. Here online shoppers can find a pendant with eleven brilliant clear gemstones.

Golg diamond cross

While a silver cross can be fashioned out of silver, a diamond cross places diamonds on top of a sturdy design. Sometimes, those diamonds appear in combination with one or more other gems. For example, an Internet user can find a cross necklace that features both diamonds and rubies. Those gems appear together in an 18 karat, white gold cross.

The same web site reveals just how many ways jewelers have dreamed up for placing one of more diamonds on a symbol with crossed bars. Here one can find strips of 14 karat yellow gold entwined with a second metal. The resulting two toned cross has been decorated with clear gemstones.

Elegant diamond cross

In addition that same site has posted pictures of a white gold cross with a single diamond at its center. Still, few of the items available at ross-simons.com would satisfy the needs of a man who wants to make his beliefs more visible. Such a male should visit this web site. Read More »

Unique Virgo Jewelry


When a piece of Virgo jewelry is purchased any Virgo woman feels blissful and happy. Wearing different forms of jewelry items has been a passion with most women all over the world. Almost any outfit that has a boring appearance can be made to look chic and one that catches the eye by wearing trendy jewelry pieces with Virgo zodiac sign designs. Every man or woman who understands a lot about zodiac signs and about the positive and negative implications they have on lives of humans considers wearing jewelry pieces with zodiac signs good.

Virgo Zodiac Jewelry

As compared to the regular accessories you wear like shoes, scarves, purses, belts, etc, jewelry pieces with Virgo zodiac sign designs can get your looks transformed completely. Before you make the final purchase it is very necessary to understand the latest trends in fashion. Times are changing and also fashion and hence for keeping up with the trends in fashion you need find out what the latest styles are. The best place to find out the latest designs and trends for the year the best place to look up is the internet.

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Gothic Belt Buckles


Belt buckles are all the rage right now. They come in all shapes and sizes, but most are on the larger side. Sporting various symbols of pop culture, team logos, or of another type of symbolism – belt buckles have made their way into mainstream culture and appear strong enough as a trend, to be a lasting one. Not just men are sporting belt buckles – women are too. People of both genders and all ages can be found wearing belt buckles as a part of their daily ensemble.

Gothic Belt Buckles

Belt buckles have migrated from the standard gold or silver with no embellishment, to ones made of gold or silver with inlay and designs. Some have enameled paint on them to color the inside and make an image or emblem stand out. With the idea of adding enamel or inlay, the variety of designs out there for wearers has increased manifold. About anything one wishes to wear, can be found. Therefore belt buckles in recent years have translated not just into a fashion statement, but also a personal statement.

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Gothic Crosses – Hallmarks of Gothic Design


The Gothic style stems from a period in art history that can be seen today still in churches and various monuments, such as the Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris. This style of design was meant to impress viewers, inspiring the awe of religion and God in them. However, Gothic design is not only seen in architecture. It can also be viewed in simple objects or pieces of art, including Gothic crosses. Another association that many may have of Gothic style is with the passing lifestyle that is typified by listening to The Cure or wearing all black clothing. Gothic jewelry is used in a fashion sense, and may incorporate the older elements of design that date back to several centuries ago.

Gothic Crosses

There are several facets of design that are seen not only in Gothic crosses and architecture but in anything else that is said to have a “Goth” aesthetic. For example, ornate detail and rich flourishes are often used in the design, including scrollwork. Rich jewel tones are also used in addition to the basic black color scheme, and metallic accents such as silver or gold are often seen in the jewelry and crosses that are part of Gothic design. Shadows, shading, and a heavy, haunting mood also typify the Gothic period of art and design.

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How to Make Beaded Jewelry – Basic Wire Wrapping Techniques


One of the most satisfying hobbies that you can have in terms of output of a finished product is jewelry making. By making beaded jewelry, you can have an endless supply of gifts to give to your friends and relatives, and the process of learning how to make beaded jewelry is one that many people find extremely soothing and rewarding. There are a variety of different skills that go into making the final product, from learning how to choose the right designs and color combinations of beads, to crafting the best clasp for the necklace, bracelet, or earrings that you have so carefully designed.

How to Make Beaded Jewelry

A more advanced skill that is essential to the process of learning how to make beaded jewelry, however, is wire wrapping. This is the means with which you can shape your jewelry in the way you want, and it is also important for keeping your final product secure. Wrapping the wire in loops can serve as the closure method rather than using a clasp, in some cases. To work with wire, you will need three basic tools. These include round nose pliers, for bending wire and making loops, chain or flat nose pliers, and wire cutters. Most jewelry supply stores or hardware stores will have these.

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Consider Mens White Gold Jewelry as a Special Occasion Gift


There are some men out there that would never be seen in public or even in private wearing any type of jewelry other than a wedding band perhaps. Other guys, particularly young urban males, are fond of wearing a variety of jewelry to promote a certain sense of fashion or style. Sometimes these guys wear mens jewelry as a hip hop statement, signifying they relate to the musicians and culture of the hip hop world. Other guys may simply like a particular type of jewelry and wear it discretely as a personal choice. Some men like a simple gold chain around their neck and others like wearing a unique ring or etched band. Whatever the taste of the man in your life, you can find a piece of jewelry to fit almost all special occasions as necessary.

White Gold Diamond Cufflinks

Mens white gold jewelry is a popular holiday, birthday and other special occasion gift. If you are tired of Christmas shopping and want to get one more memorable, significant gift for a boyfriend, husband, or brother, consider a personalized piece of jewelry. If you know the tastes of the recipient, you’ll have an easier time finding the piece of jewelry you want either online or in a physical jewelry store. Your recipient may only wear this gift on special occasions. For example, your male recipient may only wear white gold cuff links to a wedding or other holiday attire once a year. Even if the gift is only used once a year, it can remain a stylish and thoughtful reminder of your kindness.

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How to Clean Platinum Jewelry


If you have a valuable piece of platinum jewelry, you will want to keep it looking shiny and clean. You can spend money on a pre-packaged jewelry cleaner, or you can use a homemade cleaner. If you opt for the latter choice, then you need to mix one part of ammonia with one part of warm water.

Once you have the needed cleaner, and then obtain a soft cloth. Dampen the cloth with the soapy solution, and rub that solution on your platinum possession. That cleaning should manage to enhance the natural luster in your prized piece of jewelry. Still, no matter how well you might clean any piece, you will not be able to perform a truly professional job. Therefore, you should arrange for each of your platinum items to be cleaned and polished by a professional jeweler two times each year.

Platinum Jewelry

Seek out a jeweler that has been trained to work with platinum. You might need to seek the services of that jeweler more than twice a year. After all, you might find that you need to resize a platinum ring, making it smaller or larger. If you have failed to locate a professional jeweler, one with an expert knowledge of platinum, you could be asking for problems. In the past, trained professionals have discovered white gold in resized platinum rings. Jewelers who had failed to recognize a piece as “platinum” had used white gold, when adjusting the size of that same item. The presence of the white gold reduces the value of that lovely platinum piece. You need to make sure that none of your jewelry suffers a similar fate.

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