Are Religious Chains A Symbol Of Faith?

Can one judge the faith of any person by his or her decision to wear a religious chain? Can one judge the faith of any person by his or her selection from among the many available religious chains? The wearing of a piece of jewelry does not prove possession of strong beliefs. Still, a believer can demonstrate the driving force of his or her belief by wearing one of the various religious chains.

A chain with a cross or Crucifix is one of the most common religious chains. Still, a cross and crucifix symbolize only one major religion. There are charms that symbolize the beliefs of other religions. Those charms can be found on some of the other faith-themed chains.

Gold Buddha Charm

Gold Buddha Charm

A Buddhist might want to purchase a Buddha charm and wear it on a long chain. A follower of Judaism can find several different charms that represent symbols familiar to those who had a long acquaitance with Jewish traditions. One of those charms has gained popularity among a wide section of the more secular-minded in society.

While not all religious chains have a Christian-themed charm, not all of the Christian charms contain either a cross or a Crucifix. A Christian does not always choose to wear a religious chain with one of those familiar symbols. Some Christians prefer to wear a chain with a different sort of charm.

Some Christians have chosen to wear one of the Ichthus charms. The Ichthus charms have a fish shape. A cross has been placed inside that fish. Why do Christians wear a fish? Does it relate to the tale about Jesus and the fish, the fish with the loaves of bread?

No the fish worn by some Christians does not represent the fish that were part of one of Jesus’ miracles. The fish worn by Christians represents the fish symbol used by early Christians. When two Christians met, one would draw in the dirt a curved line (a part of a fish). The second Christian would complete that fish symbol.

Another charm that has become popular among Christians is the Bible charm. There are several variations on that charm. A Bible charm can have either an open Bible or a closed Bible. The closed Bible can have either a word or a symbol on its cover.

A third charm selected by some Christians has been called the mustard seed charm. This charm reminds its wearer about the teaching in one of Christ’s parables. According to that teaching, a Christian can count on the strength of true faith, even if it is only faith the size of a mustard seed.

That charm displays the Chai symbol. The Chai symbol is the Jewish symbol for luck. Much like the horseshoe and the rabbit’s foot, the Chai symbol has become a favorite among those who trust their luck to the powers of inanimate objects.


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