Dangle Earrings – Swaying Beauty

To pep up an outfit and to be endowed with a unique style, dangle earrings can be a perfect pick. Popular in the hip-hop culture, it has become the earring that suits all occasions and outfits. Danglers in plastics for a funky look and dangle earrings in silver and white gold for a classy look, there are dangle earrings for any kind of look that one wishes to don. Dangle earrings are in vogue and is sported by the younger generation of today. Popular in the past and present the earrings are inextricably linked with fashion and snazzy look for centuries.

Diamond Dangling Hearts Earrings

Dangle earrings are mesmerizing as they seem like a stream from the bottom of the earlobes of a woman. They dangle, sway to the rhythms of the wind and captivate the beholder with their gushing charm. They are available in various lengths and patterns. Dangle earrings come with a stud attached to the ‘dangling’ part of the earrings or sometimes attached to a hook. The dangle earring design that has hooks in them that is used to support the dangle earrings to the earlobe is called French hook design. Dangle earrings that suit the style of a person can be chosen from the wide variety of options available in the market.

Blue Topaz and Sapphire Dangle Earrings

Dangle earrings are available in a variety of metals and stones. Dangle earrings flow from the earlobes and accessorize modish and vintage outfits alike. They are best suited for contemporary looks. Wires and beads are used extensively in dangle earrings and they also take the name ‘hangings’. Dangling earrings come in array of shapes. Dangle earrings made of crystals, beads, pearls and diamonds are captivating. Pearls used in creative designs for the earrings, render an opulence that is indisputable. Pink pearls and black pearls can give a classy look to the dangle earrings.

Diamonds are expensive and so, women prefer diamond studded dangling earrings in shorter lengths. Dangle earrings are also hailed as ‘addition earrings’. Addition earrings are dangle earrings that can be extended according to the desire of the one who owns it. They can be lengthened with materials like stones, wires, beaded lines, etc. Dangle earrings generally designed in big shapes. Dangle earrings are synonymous with the much prevalent hip hop culture that finds repercussion in the fashion trend of the current generation.

Twisted Tube Dangle Hook Earrings

Floral patterns, heart patterns, triangles, circles, leaves, etc, are used in designing the patterns for dangle earrings. Disk shapes are also famous in the making of the earrings. Silver and titanium dangle earrings are appropriate for parties and plastic dangle earrings give a peppy and funky look. Danglers can be made wrought from metals like gold, platinum, silver, etc. Fashionable women prefer lengthy dangle earrings but they can be harmful as they tend to be heavy.

Abstract Dangle Earrings

Prevalent from the ancient times, as is evident from the Egyptian paintings, dangle earrings add to the style quotient of a woman. They also add an extra sheen to the outfit that is worn on a special occasion. Danglers that have a vintage and an antique look lend an ensemble with an enigma. Multi strand danglers can be apt for peppy occasions and events. A designer jean, an evening wear, a formal dress or a casual outfit becomes pretty, vibrant and graceful with the danglers that are a style statement.


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