Engagement Rings – Changing Tastes

Around the world, Engagement rings reflect the passion and commitment of the couples towards each other. The patterns and designs used in the engagement rings have changed through ages. Earlier diamond solitaires were the way of proposing to the bride to be. But now, colored stones have taken their place. Antique rings with their classic looks have made a come back and their vintage appearance has enthralled the modern couple. Antique rings have become the trendiest accessories of all with floral motifs and extensive engravings. Platinum jewelry has become widely popular since it enhances the effect of the diamonds. The modern couples flaunt their love with expensive engagement rings and declare their love in style.

Diamond Engagement Ring

Engagement ring is one of the most loved pieces of jewelry for any couple in the world, who are in love. Engagement rings bear witness for the moment when a man and women decide to become man and wife. The ring is an embodiment of their devotion and their promise to lead their lives together henceforth. Engagement rings are worn on the left hand ring finger of a woman, according to the western tradition. In the modern era, the prospective groom gifts the engagement ring to hi bride-to-be while proposing to her or after she accepts his marriage proposal. It stands for the formal bond of marriage that could happen in the future.

Solitaire Engagement Ring

In the U.S, the current trend of the bride-to-be buying a promise ring or an engagement ring for the prospective groom during the engagement is becoming common. In Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Netherlands and Brazil, men and women sport their engagement rings. As the tastes of the people has evolved down the ages, the designs, patterns and metals used in the engagement rings have changed according to the popular tastes through the ages.

Engagement rings are now made of various materials. Gold, platinum, silver are commonly used to make engagement rings and titanium is rarely used. Since, the engagement rings are a proclamation of a persons love and commitment for their loved ones, they spend immense amount on buying an expensive ring. Many opt for gem studded rings and the choices are aplenty like sapphires, emeralds, rubies, pearls and opals.

Diamonds are always a woman’s best friend and the tradition of proposing to a lady with a diamond solitaire has been in existence for years now. Large diamonds set in platinum or gold and in the shape of a round or an emerald has been commonly used in the engagement rings. But now, oval shaped diamonds studded rings are becoming popular. Since, the beauty of diamonds are enhanced with the use of platinum, they have captivated the imagination of the people.

White Gold Engagement Ring

In European countries like Germany, Finland, Sweden, Denmark and Norway, normally plain golf bands without any gems in it are used as engagement rings. In France, people prefer colored gems to diamonds in their engagement rings. Gold and platinum is preferred to other materials owing to their durability and higher value. Titanium and stainless steel have earned mileage in the modern era and are used in engagement rings now-a-days.

Antique rings are also gaining momentum in the fashion scene. The nostalgic pieces that are vintage and timeless are desired by every woman. They are in vogue now and are the latest fashion statement. Platinum’s luster gives an extra sheen to the diamonds set in them and so they have become popular among young and old alike. Colored stones and new floral motifs are common in the engagement rings of today. Engagement rings that speak love have become epitomes of style in the modern era.


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