Extra Large Hoop Earrings

The classic gypsy look of extra large hoop earrings gives it a romantic touch that places them at the center of the fancy of many a young woman. Extra large hoop earrings are used by girls for both formal and casual wear, more so for the informal times and in the company of one’s friends or the ‘special one’. No more are these large hoops confined to their familiar plain look but are presented with engraved gems and other ornate patterns on their surface for covering a wide range of individual choice. The prices of the hoops vary according to their metal of composition, purity, and any gem engraving on their surfaces.

Extra Large Hoop Earrings

Extra large hoop earrings are totally a woman’s thing of fashion. Men do not wear them and this is one fact about these earrings that makes them uniquely feminine in style. While women of middle age may also choose to put them on, the popular use of extra large hoop earrings remains the hegemony of teenage girls to those in their mid twenties. The most desirable quality of extra large hoops is their characteristic gypsy look. Extra large hoop earrings can be worn in both formal gatherings and in one’s usual company.

White Gold Extra Large Hoop Earrings

The size range of most extra large hoop earrings is 35 to 65 mm. Both gold and sterling silver extra large hoops give a prominence to the figure of the wearer. Among the gold hoops, both white gold and yellow gold earrings are sold in jewelry stores, including online jewelry sellers. For a more informal and hip display, girls would usually go for the white gold variety while many who value the classical touch would choose yellow gold hoops.

Large Hoop Earrings

In addition, a girl’s hair color has a lot to do with the selection of hoops. Sterling silver and white gold hoops make great contrast with black or dark brown hair while yellow gold hoops complement blonde hair very well.

An important guideline for getting a pretty look with extra large hoop earrings is to wear them when you have got hair longer than your shoulders or at least the neckline. They look great with thick and long hair. With short and/or thin hair, extra large hoop earrings do not come as a good match because they may make the ears look unusually small. In addition, extra large hoop earrings are heavier than regular hoop earrings so the user should get a good feel of their effect by wearing them for a while before buying them or putting them in ears while going out in company.

Large Gold Hoop Earrings

While most plain most extra large hoop earrings present the same simple design, the individual look definitely varies depending on the hoop’s composition and details of the hoop’s surface. Many jewelry shops present extra large hoop earrings with fine gem crystals engraved onto the hoop’s surface along part or the whole of its roundness.

Diamond Extra Large Hoop Earrings

Diamonds and sapphires are two most popular varieties of gems for large hoops. These expensive items usually make impressive gifts for loved ones.

Silver Extra Large Hoop Earrings

The prices of extra large hoop earrings are as variable as their variety of composition, purity, and individual look. Many plain sterling silver pairs would come in less than $20 a pair while a pair of extra large hoops with finely engraved gems like sapphires or diamonds may cost over $1200. Most white or yellow gold extra large hoop earrings can be bought in the range of about $200 to a little over $500.


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