How To Make Hebrew Jewelry Charm Bracelets


For decades, men, women, and children of all ages have found joy and endless excitement in the enthralling and fascinating world of jewelry. Hebrew jewelry is among the most common and favored jewelry that there is. What if you could make your very own Jewish jewelry in the comfort of your own home and turn your love for jewelry into a fun filled hobby that can be enjoyed by the entire family. Making Hebrew charm bracelets is an exciting and affordable hobby that can be enjoyed by anyone just about anywhere. The whole family will find satisfaction in creating their own works of art.

Gold Star of David Charm

Gold Star of David Charm

Love for jewelry has been evident for centuries. King’s and Queens were showered with precious stones and rubies to display their royalty. Jewelry has also been considered to many as a universal gift for that significant someone in your life. Other people where jewelry for it’s religious significance or simply for the way it matches their outfit. Nevertheless, jewelry is without a doubt one of the most popular accessories to take over the world. Wherever you go, you are sure to see some form of jewelry. Of course, wearing jewelry is only half of the fun. Some would say that the best part of all is making the jewelry, which is why the hobby of charm bracelet making has become increasingly popular throughout the years amongst children and adults alike.

Silver Star of David Charms

Silver Star of David Charms

If you’ve decided upon making Hebrew jewelry charm bracelets than you’ve made a great decision for yourself or for your entire family, because making charm bracelets is not only fascinating and fun, but it is extremely affordable. So, why buy Hebrew jewelry when you miss out on the fun of making your own? First, you must acquire all of the required accessories. To sufficiently make your Hebrew jewelry charm bracelets you will need something to hold everything together. There are quite a few options for the string of your bracelet for you to choose from. There is straw string, plastic, elastic, etc. For bracelets to fit on just about anyone, you may find it beneficial to use the elastic string because it stretches to the width of the designated person’s arm.

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Real Ruby Rings Are Highly Precious


The tradition of wearing real ruby rings has been much common in several countries from the ancient ages till now. Even in the country of India the practice of wearing real ruby rings has always been regarded as a part of the fashion jewelry where ornaments are found to adore almost every part of the body. This does include the tika from the forehead to the toe rings, which is nothing but a definite evidence of the great Indian love for jewelry and also the great skills of the Indian jewelers. In this esteem it is necessary to state that the culture of traditional jewelry has always been deeply motivated by the mythology and in spite of the change of times the influence remains just the same.

Designer Ruby Ring

In the Indian context the significance of ruby has always been at the highest for which from the ancient period till now there is always a craze to go for the real ruby rings. Now the basic reason for this is not far to see. Ruby being a gemstone is regarded as the ideal epitome of eternal love and also of passion and emotions for which it is almost a custom to present the couples celebrating the sliver or golden jubilee of their marriage real ruby rings. It is due to the fact that in the present age when the breakaway of relationship is just a matter of time, celebration of such a long association is indeed tough, and for that there should be the presence of some love and passion among the couple. But it must be said that this is nothing new and this attribute has been known from the ancient period in the Indian context.

Diamond Ruby Ring

This has been aptly described in the ancient Hindu texts of India, where in the ancient Sanskrit language it has been referred as Ratnaraj, which if translated to English will stand for “King of Gemstones.” Apart from this to the ancient Hindus ruby used to be known as the “Lord of all Gems.” Now if you consider that these are the only reasons for which the real ruby rings are so significant you are surely mistaken. Ruby is also known as the birthstone for those persons who were born in the month of July, and in some studies applicable for even those who happen to be under the zodiac Capricorn.

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The History And Facts Of Enchanting Emerald Jewelry


What could be more enchanting than emerald jewelry? Just the word emeralds bring to mind a rather magical and elegant gemstone. Named after the Greek word to meaning green gemstone, emerald jewelry is just as popular today as it was in ancient times when it was thought to possess magical powers and aided those who wore emerald jewelry. This gem has always earned respect as being one of the most beautiful gem that nature has given to us. Learn about the fascinating history behind the emerald and how this amazing gem is mined today to bring beauty to the world of fine jewelry.

Dangle Emerald Earrings

Emerald jewelry is thought to be one of the absolute most stunning gems that one can have. The color of a real emerald is a very intense and shining green; it is said to be so brilliant that one cannot imagine a more perfect green color. One may think that diamonds are on the top of the list of valuable gems; but truth be told, there are emeralds that are actually more valuable than diamonds.

Diamond Emerald Ring

South American is home to what is thought to be the first emerald mine. It was the ancient societies of the Incas and the Aztecs who first discovered the shining emeralds and then hand crafted this gem into some of the most beautiful and stunning pieces of emerald jewelry that one could imagine. Their emerald jewelry was very important to them, as it was thought to bring about magical powers. Another theory of the discovery of the emerald brings us to ancient Egypt; a time when pharaohs ruled and that this gem was found near the Red Sea and brought to the Egyptians magical powers that were precious to them. Cleopatra herself is thought to have had many emerald mines and explorers believe that they found them in the early 1800’s. Of course, by then, the mines were empty. Cleopatra is thought to have had countless, precious emerald jewelry pieces.

Emerald jewelry is thought to bring many things to those who wear it. It was said that this sparkling green treat had healing powers and also brought good luck to those who wore emerald jewelry. Emeralds have been thought of as precious to almost every ancient civilization and for that reason, luckily, many of the pieces from those societies have been found and are now in museums. One of the biggest emeralds ever known, the Mogul Emeralds is privately owned and is over two hundred karats. Prayers were engraved in the gem, along with flower etchings. It is rumored that that emerald was purchased for more than two million dollars; the owner chooses to remain anonymous; it is no surprise.

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Patron Saint Medals Are A Good Way To Keep The Faith


When you are looking for a way to show the world your faith, there is no better way of doing that than looking for the best patron saint medals that money can buy. When you get one of these great patron saint medals you are going to be able to show the whole world what you believe in, and you are going to do it in style. Let’s face it, the world is all about style, however, you still want to be able to show people your faith. So why not kill two birds with one stone, and start wearing the great patron saint medals. I am sure they are what you are looking for.

Patron Saint Medals

Patron saint medals are second to none for most people when it comes to great pendents to put on your chain. Patron saint medals allow you to keep your faith with you at all the time, and look good doing it.

Sterling Silver 12 Saints Bracelet

These great medals come in all different shapes, and sizes, and colors, and pictures. There is really no two medals that have to look the same, and I guess that is a great thing for many people. After all, you do not want the same patron saint medals as the person down the street from you.

Gold Jesus Medal

That just makes you look like a copy cat. No one likes to be called a copy cat. So when you go shopping for your patron saint medals remember that it needs to come from the heart. When you see the right one for you, you are going to know it right away. That is because this pendent is going to call out to you, and you will know right then that it is meant to be.

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Go For Solitaire Pendants


What are your thoughts for the next Valentine’s Day? Not decided yet? But it is not far away, and not even two months are left. Well, you can give a few gifts that will make her heart pitter-patter more than the gift of jewelry. It can be a novel method for you to cast a spell on her through showing how you feel about her. But it is certainly to gift jewelry. But are you thinking of your modest budget? Don’t worry and decide for the solitaire pendants. It is sure that the solitaire pendants will not create any such pressure on your budget, because of their reasonable prices, and at the same time your impression to your beloved will increase magnificently. Now, what should you do?

Diamond Solitaire Pendant

Your first and foremost duty should be to keep no stone unturned to find out the most suitable way that will make her heart sparkle. If your budget happens to be within an economic one, say, $100 or less – even $50 or less – you don’t need to fear the jewelry store. There are plenty of options to match every woman’s taste and style, of which the most prominent are the solitaire pendants. Besides there is the presence of a sterling sliver charm bracelet, locket or heart-tag bracelet is beautiful selections that through al extents reflect the central theme of Valentine’s Day. It is found that on this very day there are many male lovers who for their fiancées prefer to gift that includes some sort of stone.

Solitaire Pendant

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Circle & Oval Pendants And Everything That Sparkles


A pendant is any type of jewelry piece that hangs off of a jewelry chain. There are circle & oval pendants, as well as many types of symbols and cameos. Even the very popular cross is a pendant. Circle & oval pendants are very popular because of their shape. They flow well with almost any type of style and can be bought in many varieties. Many people choose the jewelry that they wear to express themselves and make a statement about themselves. If you are thinking about purchasing pendants, you may wish to learn more about silver, gold and other metals that are used for the art of crafting jewelry.

14K White Gold Diamond Oval Pendant

Since pendants come in so many shapes and sizes, it is difficult to say which type of pendant is the most popular. Any piece of jewelry that hangs from a chain, whether that chain be a necklace, bracelet or anklet is a pendant. Pendants can be shapes, such as circle & oval pendants or they can be symbols such as the cross, animals and countless other items. Many people wear pendants to make statements, such as religious pendants being worn. In addition, gem stones are thought to symbolize certain elements, qualities and powers. For that reason, for example, one might wear citrine to rid themselves and their surroundings of negatively.

14K White Gold Diamond Triple Circle Pendant

The wearing of pendants has been around for centuries. Those in ancient Rome wore pendants, including circle & oval pendants, under their clothing to hide various messages hidden in hollowed out pendants. Sometimes the pendants would be shown to gain access to secret religious areas. The ancient Egyptians wore pendants, many of them symbolized different Gods or the gems that they wore were to ward away the bad and bring in the good. Italy has always stood out as one of the finest pendant crafters; the country is rated as one of the highest in all aspect of fine jewelry making. In these modern days, fine jewelry crafters are located all over the world, making circle & oval pendants and every other kind of jewelry that one could imagine.

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What Are Threader Earrings?


What are threader earrings? Threader earrings are the rage in jewelry wearing. They are also so very much more in addition as well. Threader earrings go by different names as a rule. Some of these names include ear threaders, ear threads, earthreads, and of course threader earrings. However, no matter the name. These unique forms of jewelry have one thing very much in common. This is that they are literally threads. That goes through the hole in one’s ear. The designs can range concerning threader earrings but many do contain a tiny metal bar with a thin chain on them.

Ruby Heart Threader Earrings

Threader earrings aren’t only the style as far as fashion statement in ear jewelry go. Nevertheless, they are also something unique, which is why they are special from any kind of other type of earrings on the market. What are threader earrings? Threader earrings are in reality “threads” that are in creation to be able to pass through the piercing in one’s ear. These threader earrings are by many different names that include ear threads, ear threaders, earthreads, and of course, threader earrings, which is the most popular title, it appears. However, the designs are numerous about threader earrings. Most threader earrings do contain a metal bar on one side that is small. Besides the metal bar, there is also a thin chain that serves as a tie to the metal bar, and on the opposite end of this thread, a person can attach beads, crystals, and or precious or semi-precious gemstones if they would like.

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Dangle Earrings – Swaying Beauty


To pep up an outfit and to be endowed with a unique style, dangle earrings can be a perfect pick. Popular in the hip-hop culture, it has become the earring that suits all occasions and outfits. Danglers in plastics for a funky look and dangle earrings in silver and white gold for a classy look, there are dangle earrings for any kind of look that one wishes to don. Dangle earrings are in vogue and is sported by the younger generation of today. Popular in the past and present the earrings are inextricably linked with fashion and snazzy look for centuries.

Diamond Dangling Hearts Earrings

Dangle earrings are mesmerizing as they seem like a stream from the bottom of the earlobes of a woman. They dangle, sway to the rhythms of the wind and captivate the beholder with their gushing charm. They are available in various lengths and patterns. Dangle earrings come with a stud attached to the ‘dangling’ part of the earrings or sometimes attached to a hook. The dangle earring design that has hooks in them that is used to support the dangle earrings to the earlobe is called French hook design. Dangle earrings that suit the style of a person can be chosen from the wide variety of options available in the market.

Blue Topaz and Sapphire Dangle Earrings

Dangle earrings are available in a variety of metals and stones. Dangle earrings flow from the earlobes and accessorize modish and vintage outfits alike. They are best suited for contemporary looks. Wires and beads are used extensively in dangle earrings and they also take the name ‘hangings’. Dangling earrings come in array of shapes. Dangle earrings made of crystals, beads, pearls and diamonds are captivating. Pearls used in creative designs for the earrings, render an opulence that is indisputable. Pink pearls and black pearls can give a classy look to the dangle earrings.

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Birthstone Jewelry Secures Your Fortune!


Personal birthday is indeed special to each and every body, and that should be. But we care to celebrate the birthdays of the esteemed personalities who by virtue of their deeds have earned our veneration. But even this is also changing. It is found that no longer we are interested into celebrating these birthdays but are getting more interested to have all types of the latest designs of jewelries as gifts on our birthdays. To cajole our temptations in these days we have the birthstone jewelry. These are the latest introductions in the marketplace and by virtue of their attraction and elegance have earned the attention of people of various ages. The contributions of the actors of Hollywood in advertising the birthstone jewelry is worth recognizing.

Emerald Ring

But if we keep the awesome beauty and also monetary value in consideration it seems that the birthstone jewelry has not been designed keeping the common people in concern. But there is no such loss on the part of the makers. The celebrities are found to simply jump on the birthstone jewelry wagon. To their claims it seems as if this very brand of jewelry has a kind of personal touch for them than even other hitherto popular jewelries.

Perfume Bottle Pendant

So long the first preference of these internationally acclaimed celebrities were gems, since to many of them the gems do have certain qualities like healing properties or balancing properties. But with the introduction of the saga of birthstone jewelry in the market everything has changed. It is to be noted, that there is a popular belief among the celebrities, if the proper birthstone jewelry can be worn in respect of the particular birthday month, it can have a drastic effect, in the positive sense, on the entire course of life.

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Prefer Sapphire Jewelry For Daily Wear


Sapphire jewelry is a great option that can be worn on different occasions and events due to the various colors sapphire is found in.

Blue Sapphire Earrings

The most valuable and expensive sapphires are the color of royal blue whose deposits can be found at Yogo Gulch. Other different colors of sapphires can be found in Thailand, Sri Lanka, Australia, Cambodia, Ceylon, Brazil, India, Africa, United States, Nigeria, Kenya, Tanzania, China and Madagascar. Some deposits of sapphire have also been found in Burma and Kashmir.

Multi-color Sapphire Ring

If you are thinking about purchasing a bracelet, necklace, earrings, pendants or rings than sapphire is the way to go. The reasons for that are multiple comprising the beautiful cuts, fancy colors and the unique star sapphires. A star sapphire is the rarest kind, containing an unusual tiny needle like insertions which is cut in a cabochon shape to display a dancing six-rayed white star that stretch across the sapphire’s surface. These are considered to be the most beautiful kind of sapphire yet to be found rarely in various countries. Star sapphires make up gorgeous sapphire jewelry on account of their color combination. Sapphires can also be made in laboratory which can be harder to identify than the natural gemstones.

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