Facts You Should Know About White Gold Jewelry


One common misperception that people have about white gold or pink gold for that matter is that this metal is found as it is: white gold. Not true. However, just because this metal is combined with other elements to make it appear white does not diminish the worth, value, elegance and class of white gold jewelry. White gold was created right after WWI; up until that time any jewelry that was the color white was made with pure platinum or of course, silver. There was a white jewelry craze during the late 1920’s and through out the 1930’s. The trend has continued to present times.

White Gold Ring

Many people are tired of wearing yellow gold; yellow gold can sometimes seem out of trend; that is where white gold steps in. Just as silver is very classy and elegant, white gold takes this one step higher. White gold jewelry is gold, which should be understood. The fact that it is white does not take away from its quality of being gold. As a matter of fact, yellow gold is also blended with other elements to make it the sparkling yellow color that we all think of as gold. Some people believe that gold is found in its pure form already sparkling and shiny; the perfect color: not so.

White Gold Earrings

White gold is an alloy of pure gold. To make white gold, nickel or palladium is added to the pure gold. Nickel and palladium is what gives the gold its white color. Other elements are added to pure gold when creating yellow or pink gold.

White gold jewelry will vary and this is because of the amounts of other metals, like nickel and palladium, which is added to it. Also, different amounts will be added on purpose, depending on what the white gold will be used for. For example, nickel is a very hard and strong substance so it will be used to mix to the pure gold when making white gold jewelry rings. On the other hand, palladium is a softer metal; therefore it will be used more when one is creating settings for gems. No matter what type is made, a thin layer of rhodium will be coated on top of the white gold jewelry to give it a shiny coat. If you own a piece that appears to get dull after several years, a professional jeweler can put another coat of rhodium on it.

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