Real Ruby Rings Are Highly Precious

The tradition of wearing real ruby rings has been much common in several countries from the ancient ages till now. Even in the country of India the practice of wearing real ruby rings has always been regarded as a part of the fashion jewelry where ornaments are found to adore almost every part of the body. This does include the tika from the forehead to the toe rings, which is nothing but a definite evidence of the great Indian love for jewelry and also the great skills of the Indian jewelers. In this esteem it is necessary to state that the culture of traditional jewelry has always been deeply motivated by the mythology and in spite of the change of times the influence remains just the same.

Designer Ruby Ring

In the Indian context the significance of ruby has always been at the highest for which from the ancient period till now there is always a craze to go for the real ruby rings. Now the basic reason for this is not far to see. Ruby being a gemstone is regarded as the ideal epitome of eternal love and also of passion and emotions for which it is almost a custom to present the couples celebrating the sliver or golden jubilee of their marriage real ruby rings. It is due to the fact that in the present age when the breakaway of relationship is just a matter of time, celebration of such a long association is indeed tough, and for that there should be the presence of some love and passion among the couple. But it must be said that this is nothing new and this attribute has been known from the ancient period in the Indian context.

Diamond Ruby Ring

This has been aptly described in the ancient Hindu texts of India, where in the ancient Sanskrit language it has been referred as Ratnaraj, which if translated to English will stand for “King of Gemstones.” Apart from this to the ancient Hindus ruby used to be known as the “Lord of all Gems.” Now if you consider that these are the only reasons for which the real ruby rings are so significant you are surely mistaken. Ruby is also known as the birthstone for those persons who were born in the month of July, and in some studies applicable for even those who happen to be under the zodiac Capricorn.

There are also additional reasons apart from this. In fact there are several myths and age old tales that do validate the custom of wearing real ruby rings, and what is most striking is that similar stories of ruby are found almost in every country but in different forms. Of this the most applicable surrounding its brilliance is that any concerned individual should always be indebted of rubies because if slightest negligence is rendered or else if they ever become derelict, disregarded or despised, they do become lusterless. In short, how much the ruby of the real ruby rings will be effective depends on you.

Gold Diamond Ruby Ring

To be very precise, you or the wearer are the person who can personify its symbolism, and what shall be its significance will be perceived by your veneration, through your relationship with it. For this even today ruby is viewed as more precious and even rare than the diamonds. Even if we simply leave everything in spite of that its intrinsic flame, brilliance, along with the way in which the shade of red gets refracted on each facet of the stone, and certainly the rich legends surrounding it makes the ruby of the real ruby rings as most precious. For these reasons they are more preferred than even the diamonds.


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