Sterling Silver Toe Rings – Bringing Flash to Flip Flops Everywhere

Everyone loves to wear sandals during the summer, and in certain parts of the world, people are lucky enough to wear them all year round. While a good pedicure can go a long way toward making a pair of feet look sexy in those summer thongs, there is usually something missing in summer footwear that people never seem to figure out. Know what it is? Sterling silver toe rings. It may sound silly that a toe ring could make that much of a difference, but it can and will in the long run. Here’s a brief look at what a little toe bling can do for you.

Sterling Silver  Toe Ring

Sterling silver toe rings add that small sparkle to your feet that you can’t get from nail polish or even sparkly shoes. They can be very subtle, but they are still noticeable enough to catch people’s attention. Whether you wear one on each toe or just one to get someone’s eye, you can draw them into that lovely paint job you spent money on or those sexy shoes that are supposed to drive men crazy. One simple sparkle could change everything without you ever knowing it.

Silver  Toe Ring

Where you wear the sterling silver toe rings may not be as important as how you wear them. Obvious large, thick rings are going to draw in more attention than subtle small ones. The more ornate the ring is that you get, the more likely people will see it. You have to gauge what you wear based on the size of your feet and your own unique style. If you’re a tomboy, rock a simple band that says, “I care, but I’m not going to put a ton of effort towards that.” If you’re a girly girl, get a diamond encrusted flower and say, “Hello world! This is me and my feet!” Let your toe rings do the talking for you.

Adjustable toe ring

When it comes time to choosing the shoes to go with the toe rings, that should again reflect your style and the overall look you are going for. Flip flops are great for casual wear, but you may need some sexy sling backs if you’re going for a more seductive look. Obviously you need to have some open toed shoes or people won’t be able to see the rings. Pick out a pair that works well for you and then snag up a ring to tie it all together. You’ll be reeling the eyes in soon enough.


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